Top 5 Reasons why Vaping is Better Than Traditional Smoking

For a long time, many cities and towns have adapted to building and setting aside of smoking zones due to the health and environmental hazards linked to smoking. With the growth in technology, smokers no longer have to feel obligated to hide when smoking. Electronic cigarettes are an innovation that offers a more pleasant social experience for vapers and non-vapers. They provide a similar smoking experience to traditional smoking using vapor. Below are some reasons why vaping is better than smoking.

1. Environmental and socially friendly

Smoking tobacco is a leading cause of over 500,000 deaths worldwide in a year. The vapor produced and exhaled by people who vape does not contain chemicals such as cyanide and acrylamide that cause cancer and are poisonous to the environment. Vaping eliminates second-hand risks because it is less toxic. Vaping products are increasingly becoming popular, and people now know their difference with traditional tobacco. Various environmental bodies have also endorsed vaping as an alternative to smoking.

2. Vaporizers save money

Research shows that smokers who initially used to smoke a pack a day but switch to vape save up to $ 2,000 a year because vapes and e-cigarettes are recyclable. Also, they come in varying sizes, therefore, are affordable to all. Vaping allows one to save up the money that would have been used to purchase an ashtray or the occasional repainting of walls and ceilings due to nicotine stains.

3. Vaping caters for all types of smokers

From shisha smokers, marijuana smokers, cigar smokers and even cigarette smokers, there is something for everyone. Vaping offers a broad range of options. These options include e-shisha, starter kits, e-cigars, desktop herbal vaporizers, mods, and tanks.

4. Health friendly

Studies show that vaping is one of the simple ways to help one quit smoking. Unlike the past, one can now slowly transition from being a heavy smoker to a complete non-smoker with the aid of e-cigarettes. For one to stop smoking; they have to avoid inhaling burning plant matter. Fumes inhaled from vapes are extracted from e-liquid, therefore, switching to using them will help reduce intake of plant matter. People who vape also experience less coughing fits and little to no darkening of lips. Vapes allow one to adjust temperatures to reduce choking and toxicity of products.

5. Privacy

Gone are the days where bad breath and a musty cannabis scent were a sign of a smoker. With e-cigarettes, a relatively pure steam is what is inhaled by a smoker. Thus a better overall smoking experience with less stink up. Also, portable vaporizers allow one to consume cannabis without looking peculiar.

Vaporizers have become a worldwide phenomenon, and all you need to find the perfect vaporizer is look up online and make an order.

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