7 Vaping Accessories for New and Avid Vapers

Whether you are new to vaping or have been involved for a while, there are always new accessories and improved accessories coming out, many of which are extremely useful or fun to have. Vape accessories enhance your experience, protect your equipment, offer convenience, or simply improve the aesthetics of your equipment, and, no matter what stage you are at, it might be helpful to explore the following accessories.

1. Microfibre Cloths

The build-up of dust is one of the most notorious complications that vapers experience, and it can affect the equipment in a number of ways. Microfibre clothes can be useful in that they remove a majority of the dust from screens, lenses, and other areas without leaving behind much lint. They are small, easy to carry around, and available in bulk.

2. Portable Chargers

Whether you use your vaping equipment a lot or find it running out of a charge rather quickly, you may want to invest in a portable charger so that you can keep it charged on the go. Similarly, they make car chargers as well, so you can purchase whichever one you find more useful.

3. Extra Batteries

On a similar note, it may be more useful to simply carry extra batteries or, at least, have a stock of them at home. This way when your battery dies, you can replace the batteries, as opposed to waiting for your current battery to charge up. Batteries will also be smaller than a vape Markham charger, making them easier to carry around.

4. Silicone Mat

The purpose of a silicone mat is to keep all of your vaping components in one place if you ever need to take apart your equipment. The silicone mat prevents the parts from rolling around, falling off desks, and ultimately getting lost. Some of these even come with raised edges to better ensure that pieces don’t roll off or get knocked off.

5. Storage Units

If you have been collecting vaping accessories for quite some time now and have a considerable collection, you can buy a storage unit that will neatly organize all of your components and accessories. Mods, tanks, e-juices, and other accessories can all be stored in a compartmentalized unit, as opposed to being thrown in a drawer, ensuring that nothing gets lost or broken.

6. A Carrying Case

They also make vaping carrying cases that can be zipped up and stored in your bag while you are away from home. Sometimes these are called travel kits, and they are moderately-sized with enough space to store the vaping equipment that you need for your trip.

7. Glass Bottles for Juices

If you are heavily interested in e-juices and collecting different flavours, it would be wise to invest in a better storage method. E-juices will typically be purchased in plastic bottles which can affect the quality of the juices over time. Glass bottles, on the other hand, make it possible to safely store liquids for long periods of time, and, since all of the glass bottles look the same, it’s also good for aesthetics.

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