6 Myths About Vaping Debunked

Vaping is one of the best alternatives to smoking. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about vaping that can potentially change people’s view about this practice. Read on to find out the common myths surrounding vaping and the truth behind them.

1. Vaping is Very Dangerous

Some people believe that vaping is as dangerous as smoking. This is not entirely true. While vaping may contain harmful substances, its effects on health as less severe. According to studies, vaping is 90 percent less harmful when compared to smoking. Studies have also cited vaping as the most ideal replacement for smoking. It is also the best way to quit smoking.

2. Vaping Products are Not Regulated

Vaping is actually regulated in Canada. Before the regulations took effect, many people thought vaping was an illegal practice. The truth is that before even the regulations were effected, the industry regulated itself. For instance, all products were restricted to people aged 18 and above. Any person found selling any vaping product to a person below this age bracket was strongly rebuked by other traders. Not to mention, all vaping companies are dedicated to producing high-quality products made using safe ingredients.

3. Vaping Can Cause Addiction

Vaping does not cause addiction. Neither does it lead to cigarette smoking. In fact, a majority of people who vape are former cigarette smokers who have totally quit the habit. Only a few are new entrants who were not smoking previously. Many people vape because of the extensive flavors and the perfect feeling vaping arouses. No one has ever been addicted to vaping.

4. E-Cigarette Can Cause Harm

Some believe that the e-cigarettes used to vape can cause serious injuries to those who don’t know how to operate them. There have been cooked stories on social media about serious accidents related to e-cigarette explosions. E-cigarettes are carefully designed for use by both experienced and inexperienced vapers. It is only through carelessness and misuse that you can sustain injuries when vaping.

5. Second Hand Vapor is Harmful to Health

People believe that the second hand vapor is as harmful as second hand smoke from cigarettes. This is not true because according to research, indoor and outdoor air is more toxic than e-cigarette aerosol. This means that less toxic materials are found in the vapor than in exhaled breath. This means that second hand vapor is not harmful to the vapers and those around them.

6. Vaping Causes Porous Lungs

There is been a narrative circulating around that vaping causes popcorn lungs. These claims after some researchers said that the e-liquids contain diacetyl, a compound that cause lung problems among popcorn factory workers. The level of diacetyl found in e-liquids is so insignificant that it cannot cause any problem to the lungs.

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