5 Reasons Vaping is Better than Weed

You undoubtedly know someone that smokes weed. With more and more states legalizing it for both recreational and medical use, its popularity is growing at an incredible rate. But for those that vape, it’s clear which of the two is better. Here are five reasons that vaping is better than smoking “the devil’s lettuce”:

1. It’s not illegal

While Canada legalized medical marijuana way back in 2001, it’s still illegal to posses or consume it for recreational purposes. Vaping, however, is perfectly legal. It’s much smarter to choose the activity that won’t land you in handcuffs or slapped with a massive fine.

2. It tastes better

Burning flowers and ash, or vanilla and mint? Which would you rather taste? It’s not unlikely that you chose the second option. While weed-smokers are condemned to burning throats and smokey aftertastes, those that choose vaping instead are treated to a huge array of flavors and no burnt throat. Seems like a pretty easy choice.

3. Clouds

Let’s be honest. Half the fun of smoking is seeing how big you can make your clouds. And this is where vaping has weed beat by a mile. While smoking marijuana provides you with wispy, fleeting clouds, a strong pull from your mod can easily produce 4 times as much smoke, with far greater density. This means easier smoke tricks and more fun overall.

4. You can actually function

Can you remember the last time a vape put you on the couch for hours and gave you no choice but to binge on snack foods? Probably not. But if you’ve ever been high, you know how debilitating it can be. If you decide to load a bowl, you can kiss the next few hours goodbye. But a vape allows you to enjoy all the fun of smoking (and even a nicotine buzz) without rendering motion and productivity impossible.

5. It’s much less expensive

Seeing as its illegal for recreational consumption, finding someone to supply you with some green can be difficult. And when you do, its likely you’ll be way overcharged, because without regulation he or she can set any price they want. Vaping, on the other hand, is both highly accessible and much more affordable. After the initial purchase of a mod, refills tend to be easily affordable. And the savings just aren’t when you buy it. How much is it worth not to be arrested?

Clearly, vaping is far superior to its illegal counterpart. Don’t burn your throat, melt your brain, and risk legal consequences. Just vape instead.

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