5 Important Medical Cannabis Facts

Millions of Canadians consume medical cannabis to alleviate aches and pains and to aid in the treatment of a variety of health concerns. If you’re amongst those people, it’s important to first learn a few facts about cannabis that you may not already know. Cannabis is an all-natural, safe and fun product, but it’s still important that you arm yourself with knowledge of the plant and all things associated with it before jumping into usage feet first. Gather some of that important information via the six facts below.

1- Cannabis Measurements

When visiting the dispensary to purchase cannabis, you’ll need to decide the amount of flower that you’d like to buy rather than asking for $20 worth of cannabis, $50 worth of cannabis, etc. Options include one gram, ⅛ or 3.5 grams; ¼ oz. or 7 grams; ½ oz. or 14 grams; 1 ounce or 28-grams; 1 pound or 16-oz.

2- Indica Vs. Sativa

Indica, Sativa, and hybrid are the three categories of marijuana that are divided into. Although some experts agree that there aren’t any major differences between the two, others disagree. Indica is a type of strain that gives you an upbeat, body and mind high. A Sativa is a mental high that’s perfect for relaxing. A hybrid blends the best of both strains together.

3- Way to Consume Cannabis

There are more options for consuming cannabis than ever before. Many people roll their cannabis into joints or blunt cigarettes, although others use devices known as water bongs or pipes/bowls to smoke marijuana. There is no one way that is better than the next; it’s purely personal preference.

4- CBD and THC are Much Different

CBD and THC cannabis products are available for medical patients. CBD does not create the same psychoactive effects as THC, so it won’t get you high. Most experts agree that a cannabis strain that combines both THC and CBD is best for pain relief and treating other health concerns. Many people use each product to its benefit.

5- How to Buy Cannabis

You’ll need an ID to buy cannabis from the dispensary. Visit early in the day for the best selection and the freshest flower. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask the cashiers, commonly known as budtenders, to assist in the purchase. They know their stuff and are there to help ensure you get the best medical cannabis for your specific conditions and concerns.

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