5 Fun Vaping Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Significantly less harmful than cigarettes, vaping has become extremely popular over the last few years. As a result, many users to want to find fun and exciting tricks that they can enjoy performing for friends and acquaintances. If you have an entertainer’s drive in you, than why not turn your habit into a fun and exciting experience for everyone around you? Here are five cool and different vape tricks that are guaranteed to have everyone thinking you’re something of a wizard today.

1. Waterfall

This is a trick that will definitely have your friends questioning your magical abilities by making it look like you’ve turned your vaping smoke into something like water. Simply freeze a bottle of water with a little bit of water still at the bottom. Then, when it’s time to do your trick, take your smoke and blow it back into the bottle, letting it immediately drop in temperature. Afterwards, slowly pour the smoke back out onto a table or other surface and watch as your friends are amazed at it’s almost liquid like state.

2. Triangles

Are you tired of seeing everyone do the “O” trick and want to put your own fun spin on it? For this trick, all you have to do is exhale an O-ring, then quickly move your forearm as if you were pushing the ring down three times. Your ring will slowly move around and start forming itself into a triangle. This will require some practice, but it’s a cool way to put a new spin on an older trick.

3. Dragon

Looking for a way to make yourself look awesome? Why not turn yourself into a ferocious dragon? This vape Markham trick requires that you simply take a drag and forcefully exhale it through your nose. Then, you purse your lips together in the centre so that the smoke flows through the corners of your mouth. You’ll probably need to try it a few times before you can get it right, but it’s definitely a trick worth taking the time to learn.

4. Ghost

One of the easiest tricks to learn, it’s also incredibly impressive and fun to watch. All you have to do is take in a long drag and let it sit in your mouth. Let it sit there for a few seconds. Then, open your mouth and push the vapor out in an O shape, and close your mouth immediately after. This will give your vapor smoke the appearance of a ghost ball that your friends will love to see.

5. French Inhale

If you want to shock your friends with a classy and beautiful trick, then this is definitely the one for you. It works by taking a drag of your vaporizer and letting it sit in your mouth for a few moments. Then, slowly open your mouth, and push out your lower jaw, letting the smoke slowly flow through it whilst simultaneously inhaling through your nostrils. You’ll definitely look awesome with this trick and it’s a great one to keep in your pocket.

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