5 Common Vaping Mistakes to Avoid

The vaping world is fascinating, but it can sometimes feel a bit daunting. Your vaping experience will depend on how your vape pen works. However, smokers should be aware of the basic vaping rules as they explore plenty of vaping options available to them. Adhering to these rules will make sure that a cigar user doesn’t walk around with a cotton smelling mouth, take in excess nicotine, or get a nasty taste when vaping. Here are the top mistakes beginners should avoid when vaping.

1. Opting for a Cheap Vaporizer

Corner shops and newsagents often sell cheap liquid selections and devices. That tempts beginners to give vaping a try with the most affordable option. Unfortunately, going for the most economical option often translates to lower vaping experience quality. As a result, a beginner may think that vaping isn’t the best option for nicotine consumption. Of course, shelling out hundreds of dollars on the first vaporizer isn’t worth, but spend on a device that will make your transition from smoking to vaping pleasant.

2. Getting the Wrong E-juice

Beginners often go for whatever e-juice that comes their way. As a beginner, never let fancy packaging distract you when choosing e cigarette. Balancing the VG/PG ratio not only determines the flavor that one wants to stick with but get the best experience when vaping. For example, a high VG liquid is suited for sub-ohm devices and will provide users with a smoother hit. Vaping a lot and a high PG percentage could increase thirst and result in a dry mouth. Look at the user’s guide before buying a vape juice.

3. Vaping like a Smoker

Inhaling short drags may not give you the flavor and hit you want. Instead, take slow, long, soft inhale before blowing out a cloud of vapes. That provides a user with the best flavor from the e-juice and satisfying hit.

4. Not Cleaning the Tank

Cleaning your vaping devices may seem daunting, but you won’t get the desired vaping experience if you don’t take care of them. Don’t just fill up the vape pen when changing liquids as this will probably give you a nasty flavor. You can use a piece of tissue to clean parts of the vape pen after changing liquids and coils to ensure the best vaping experience.

5. Not Switching the Device Off

While remembering to switch off the device after use may sound obvious, many people will just put their vapes in the pocket or bag and get on with their day. That not only drains the battery and shortens its lifetime but also poses a safety threat. As with any electronic device, treat your vaping device right.

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