4 Things to Know about Vaping in Winter

The freezing winter months can be extremely harsh. This is a time when even the most ardent outdoor lovers are cooped up in their homes and offices. Another victim of winter is vaping. Luckily, there are steps you can take to continue enjoying your vape, winter or no winter.

Below are four handy vaping tips you might want to adopt.

1. E-Liquid Gets Thicker in Extreme Cold

One concern most people have during winter is whether the e-liquid in their e-cigs can freeze when temperatures are frozen. You don’t need to worry since e-liquid has a lower freezing point than water. It could be frozen outside, but your e-liquid will still allow you to vape as much as you want.

The e-liquid in your e-cig is highly resistant to cold. It has to be extremely cold for it to freeze. However, when it gets too cold, the e-liquid gets thick. You will need to keep a keen eye on the clearomizer during this season to make sure your e-cigarette gives you a good flavour as you vape. More information can be found at vape Markham.

2. Protecting your E-Cig

Just as you take care of your car during winter, you will also need to take care of your e-cig to ensure seamless vaping. Your e-cig battery’s life can drop to as low as 70% of its normal capacity during winter. It is therefore important that you keep it away from the extreme cold. Where temperatures are mild, having the battery in your inside pocket can effectively prevent it from catching a cold. Alternatively, you can store it in areas unexposed to extremely cold temperatures for long periods.

3. Vaping Outside? Use a Chapstick

Winter plays havoc on your lips. They get chapped from the biting cold and blizzards. While your tongue won’t get stuck onto a flagpole or lamp post due to dry lips, your e-cig could. As you vape in the wintry outdoors, you might want to use chapstick to eliminate any chance your e-cig’s tip would get stuck to your lips (if not a pole).

4. Beware of the Vape Clouds

Vaping in the winter outdoors has an interesting side effect; vape clouds. As you vape, your e-cig will create a vape cloud that could envelop you and anyone next to you. Okay, maybe not that dramatic! These vape clouds are manageable in the outdoors, but not when you are vaping inside your car. If you are daring enough to vape in your car, make sure your windscreen does not fog up and obstruct your view ahead. To be on the safe side, if you have to vape in your car, keep your windows open so the windscreen stays clear.

You don’t have to be miserable during winter. You can still enjoy vaping, especially while indoors. If you happen to be outdoors driving or walking, or whatever, vaping may not be as easy, but with a few adjustments and precautions, you can still hack it. As long as your e-cig is protected from the biting cold, not even winter should dampen your vaping spirits.

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