4 Reasons Vaping Became Cool

In recent years, it is no secret that vaping has become cool and even fashionable in some of the world’s most elite social circles. As some of Hollywood’s biggest names are spotted taking a relaxing vape recently, it is worth looking at how the activity managed to take the world by storm.

1. The Internet Connected Vaping Fans

As a trend, vaping is very much a product of the Internet era. Over the last 10 years, social media has united people in truly unprecedented ways, and on social media sites around the globe, tight-knit vaping communities began sharing tips, tricks, and stories related to their favorite vaporizers and e-juice brands. The buzz about vaping became huge, and it wasn’t long before Hollywood caught the bug.

2. The Entertainment Industry Caught On to the Trend

Without a doubt, the list of movie stars, famous musicians, and models who vape could currently fill an edition of “Who’s Who.” Recently, stars ranging from Leonardo DiCaprio to Katy Perry have been spotted vaping around Hollywood and other elite enclaves. As these stars became known as vaping aficionados, more and more people discovered the joys of the activity. So why has vaping become so popular with the A-list?

3. People Adapted to Changing Views

In part, vaping achieved massive popularity in Hollywood as public perceptions of smoking changed with the times. Up until recently, smoking was seen as a mark of coolness and sophistication: Stars like Humphrey Bogart and James Dean were often photographed smoking cigarettes, and millions of people emulated the habits of these screen idols. The www.dashvapes.com website has more online resources and references available.

4. Vaping is Fun

But as more and more information came to light about the deleterious health effects of smoking, stars began turning to vaporizers in droves to get their nicotine fix. However, health reasons weren’t the only driving force behind the vaping trend. With its wide variety of accessories, the practice of vaping has become as much a hobby as it is a habit.

Over time, vaping wasn’t just seen as a relaxing alternative to smoking; it was also seen as being a fun pastime. When stars like Leonardo DiCaprio are spotted with modified vaporizers and box mods, likeminded fans recognize the joys of being a vaping hobbyist. For many people, being a vaping fan is a bit like being a member of an elite club.

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