4 Major Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

Vaping has become a very common hobby across the globe. Though it was introduced as an alternative to cigarette smoking at the turn of the millennium, many people have taken it up because it looks so fashionable.

There are cloud chasing contests held around the globe, and numerous devices are now available in the market. If you want to quit smoking, you might want to consider taking this up as an alternative. Using a vape mod is a great idea for people who are trying to quit their smoking habits. Here are four major benefits that vaping offers over cigarette smoking.

1. Health

There are now conclusive studies which show that vaping is a much healthier alternative. Cigarettes cause terrible damage to a person’s lungs and other body systems. However, while the tar produced by cigarettes causes extensive damage to the lungs, most people ignore the hundreds of other carcinogens that are mixed in as well. These harmful substances can cause immense damage to your body and are the number one cause of cancer.

2. Choice of Flavours

Similarly, there’s an extensive choice of e cigarette flavours available in the market as well. When you smoke a cigarette, you don’t have a lot of variety available: there are menthol cigarettes and the conventional ones. Even the flavoured cigarettes are not preferred by many. However, when it comes to vaping, you have a plethora of choices available. You can just buy a new flavour and prime your vape mod accordingly. It hardly takes 15 minutes at most.

3. Looks Good

Many people take up cigarette smoking because it looks cool, and they soon get addicted to the nicotine content found in them. However, vaping actually looks cooler. The vapor is actually denser and you will be releasing thick clouds in no time. Needless to say, the aesthetics offered by vaping are considerably better. On top of that, there are numerous stylish mods available in the market as well.

4. Less Captivating

Even though the jury is still out on this one, numerous studies have shown that vaping is actually much less captivating than smoking (that’s mainly because of the reduced harmful chemicals which addle your brain). This reduces your chances of getting addicted to the vaping habits as compared to smoking. Moreover, you will be releasing vapor instead of smoke, so it’s not harmful in public places either.

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